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Wisdom of Dance is a program devised to help you acquire partner dance skills in various dance styles and learn how to transfer them into everyday life and situations. Our aim is to improve your mental state leading to a healthier happy life!

Our workshops are best enjoyed with a partner but bringing one IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. In our group session, we will partner up for the dancing, keep changing partners through the workshop as well as perform group and individual tasks.

No previous dance experience is necessary. Our workshops are suitable for complete beginners. Sessions aimed at people with dance experience are specially announced and advertised in workshop description.

Open workshops will have a programme designed to enable people of any age to participate. If anyone has any concern in their ability to participate due to their physical health then it is advisable to contact Jane prior to booking. Jane will be able to talk through your condition and how the workshop programme may be adapted to accommodate your needs.

Please wear clothes you are comfortable to move in but not necessarily your gym activewear, a soft shoe with a small heel, as it can aid balance and correct dance posture by placing your body weight slightly forward. Avoid hard gripping rubber soled trainers and tight pencil skirts.

Pens and self reflection booklets will be provided by us, no need to bring anything but your inquisitive frame of mind!

Small or large organisations may have already had to lead team building and training days. The skills learned in a Wisdom of Dance Workshops can be an alternative way to enable employees to increase their self awareness and develop a different approach in how they can have more control in coping with their work role. All workshops aim to have audience participation, be entertaining and learn in a fun way. By identifying your goals during our Introduction Meeting we will design a tailor made programme of your unique Bespoke Workshop.

The leadership of the workshops is shared between and Benny and Jane. Benny will lead the teaching of the dance skills and Jane will take those lessons learned and suggest ways in which they can be applied to daily living.

Wisdom of Dance will sometimes invite guest speakers and instructors to our workshops. Information about them will be provided on the Workshops page.

The Open Workshops take place in London and Cardiff – but can be arranged anywhere in the UK.

The venues will vary according to the Focus of the Workshop. Workshops take place in Dance studios, Hotels and Community Centres.

Venues of Bespoke Workshops will be negotiated with the client.

Open workshops will last around 3 hours which will include a short comfort break for a drink and short rest!

At the end of the Workshops there will be opportunity to network and perhaps form connections with participants.

Bespoke workshops according to programme design, could last around 3 hours, a day or over a weekend.

By participating in the workshops we aim that people will increase their self awareness which may involve sharing some things about yourself. However, you need only share what you wish to share. No pressure will be put on you to reveal issues you wish to keep to yourself.

Ground rules will be set on the day and whatever is shared whether sensitive or not will be kept within the group.

You can get a guaranteed spot in any of our workshops by purchasing a ticket through the Shop page. Select the workshop you are interested in and purchase as many tickets as you need, and your spot is reserved.

If you are not sure if you can make it the workshop or wish to pay at the door, just Register your Interest in the whichever workshop you wish to attend. Please note that there are limited spots in each workshop and you may end up not getting one.

Workshops which are open to anyone will occur several times per year at a variety of locations across the UK. They will be advertised on the website, Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. If you would like to join our ‘Friends of Wisdom of Dance’ then just email your contact details and we will notify you of future events.

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You will be introduced to a variety of dance styles through our yearly program of Wisdom of Dance workshops. We will concentrate on 3 different styles per workshop which we will announce and advertise prior to the workshop. You will learn the basic steps and a few popular combinations for each dance. Among the dance styles are: Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Slow Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Samba, Rumba, Slow Foxtrot, Disco Fox, Jive, Merengue, Quickstep, Paso-Doble as well as routines from classic dance films and musicals.

Whatever question you may have whether simple or more complicated then Benny and Jane will be very happy to provide more information.

Call Benny +44 (0) 7815587172 or Jane  +44 (0) 7886306172 . Alternatively E mail We aim to reply within 24 hours

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