10  June  2018

Venue:  O’Neill’s | 85 St Mary St, Cardiff, CF10 1DW

About the workshop

The Dance Your Way Through Life workshop is not limited to dance but is inspired by it and extends to borrow from all the wonderful areas of the Performing Arts including voice work, confidence building, posture, movement, coordination, rhythm skills, awareness (of yourself and others around you), spatial awareness, speech (eloquent and clear delivery) and teamwork.

Our programme employs basic principles used by dance partners on the dance floor to tackle many challenging day-to-day situations successfully, both at home and at work. Borrowing from his experience in a variety of dance forms, Benny Maslov enjoys helping students find their confidence inside as well as outside the studio. The goal is to transfer the mental and physical benefits of dance into other areas of life. Benny’s expertise allows him to share special techniques and exercises used by the industry’s leading players to improve public speaking skills, add confidence in delivering presentations as well as help in coping with stress in general.

Jane Martin’s vast experience offers unique but simple strategies to help tackle psychological obstacles preventing us from having an optimal experience in our working and personal life. Her experience as a Welsh folk dancer, having performed in festivals in France, Germany and Switzerland has enabled her to use dance as a therapeutic activity through a biopsychosocial approach. Participation enables individuals to build concentration, confidence and communication skills, which can be ideally applied in your daily living.

What to expect from this workshop

The participants of our programme can expect two and half hours of fun while working both on physical and mental wellbeing. The high energy of our exercises, group support, friendly environment encourages to make mistakes in order to enhance and learn new skills. No previous experience in dancing is required as the routines are basic enough for anyone to pick up and designed to focus on building images of successful and confidant practices. You can expect an environment where you will work with others, network, share views and ideas. Our focus will be on putting the theories we present into practice.


Suggested workshop plan

  1. Introduction.
  2. Questions to participants: What are your roles? What are you most valuable skills? What are your strengths and your weaknesses?
  3. Dance workshop where everyone dances together in couples rotating and exchanging partners frequently.
  4. Introduction to certain dance principles for example dance frame and posture, while drawing parallels to the real life tools. For example awareness of personal space.
  5. Parallels between dance and speech. Express with your body. Body language as an extension of speech.
  6. The final word. Conclusions. Questions and answers.


Would you like to share the experience with your colleagues? Contact us to discuss your needs and personalise a workshop tailored just for you and we will bring it to your workplace!