Welcome to Wisdom of Dance! A place where we draw parallels between dance and life, in which you will learn how to apply your experience on the dance floor to your daily life and your relationships with others.

This website is dedicated to journeys of self-discovery through dancing in conjunction with psychology and occupational therapy. Our aim is to help you build successful relationships with your partners, colleagues, friends, and like-minded individuals in dance and in life.

Teaching dance, especially partner dance, illuminates the importance of the psychological aspect of the experience. As the participants learn to dance together, they interact with each other through their bodies. Dancing offers a communicational portal more truthful, genuine, and sincere than many other forms of interaction and activities. As they learn to dance, partners explore how to communicate better and refine their connection on and off the dance floor. There is new academic research taking place around the world right now that gathers evidence about the concepts you can discover here at WISDOM OF DANCE.

Why Wisdom of Dance ?

Discover the concepts behind our workshops

This unique collaboration between performer and Occupational Therapist will take you through the experience of learning a variety of dance techniques and how to develop those skills in daily life.
Wisdom of Dance workshops enable individuals of any age, to learn a selection of dances and understand how those skills can enhance their physical and mental well being in daily living.
The theory behind our workshops is corroborated by NHS' Five steps to achieving and maintaining mental health and well-being: connect, be active, keep learning, give to others and be mindful.
Our workshops will give you the opportunity to enhance your physical and emotional health and well-being whilst socialising and having fun with someone you already know or with other like-minded individuals.
Wisdom of Dance workshops are based on a physical aspect, which helps release chemicals that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable mental state, and can help in bettering your relationships with others and yourself.