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Tuesday BALLET FIT 8am with Anastasia
Wednesday 6pm BEGINNER BALLET with Benny
Thursday 7pm DANCE FIT with Viktoriya & Benny
Saturday 9am BEGINNERS BALLET with Benny
Saturday 10am BALLET FIT with Anastasia
Sunday 11am DANCE FIT with Viktoriya & Benny

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Welcome to Wisdom of Dance! A place where we draw parallels between dance and life. Borrowing from the lessons we learn on the dance floor to apply them in our daily life and relationships with others.

Get ready to start a physical and psychological journey that will lead you to self-awareness while empowering your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Reduce stress and anxiety, improve your confidence and mood, and find your inner balance while learning the language of dance and now also with INTENSE DANCE FITNESS!

As a team/company, build new relationships on the dance floor with your bosses, colleagues or employees. Learn how to communicate better and become more productive together in an enjoyable way, and apply the concepts of leading and following in your everyday life at the office.

Learn how to communicate and interact with your loved ones on another level on the dance floor and then apply what you have learnt in your everyday life. Acquire new problem-solving skills and strengthen your most important relationships in a fun and effective way.

Take your usual night out to the next level! Experience a mix of social and physical activities with your friends or come along and join our workshops to meet and have fun with like-minded individuals. Learn how to interact more effectively with others and yourself while learning the language of dance.

Intense Dance Fitness on Zoom






Open to the public. Suitable for everybody. All levels are welcome!


Intense Cardio and core workout inspired by dance improves your physical shape and aids to mental health and well-being through interactive online sessions.

INTENSE DANCE FITNESS on Zoom with Benny Maslov

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Bespoke Workshops

What each workshop can give you

  • Practical dancing
  • Psychology theory
  • Personal introductions
  • Meeting with like-minded individuals
  • Applying newly acquired skills in everyday life
  • Personal questionnaires
  • Help drawing conclusions
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Learn more about the people who will lead your workshop

Marina Kazankova

Benny Maslov

Actor, Dancer, Choreographer and Founder of Wisdom of Dance

Jane Martin

Occupational Therapist and Founder of Wisdom of Dance

Package Options

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  • 60-90 min session
  • Fee offset against workshop
  • Identify your workshop goals
  • Tailor workshop to your needs
  • Let us find your focus
  • Receive your bespoke plans
  • Get costings of final plan
  • Meet in South Wales or Greater London

Sale price £25

£40per person

  • 3 hours workshop
  • Discover your inner dancer
  • Dance with a partner*
  • Learn to lead and follow
  • Dig into psychology theory
  • Participate in discussion
  • Meet with like-minded individuals
  • * No partner needed


Here are some articles supporting our theory and a list of our partners.


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Next Workshop

Dance Your Way Through Life will take place at Danceworks, located in Central London.

16 Balderton St, Mayfair, London W1K 6TN

Meeting Locations

In order to prepare a bespoke workshop, we recommend meeting somewhere to sit down and discuss what you want and what we can offer you.

Workshop Locations

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